I have an extensive background in photography, video, installation, and building as well as have spent some years participating with dance, movement, improvisation and a performance scoring group in the Bay Area. I have my MFA from Mills College and have lived in worked with amazing artists and communities in Chicago, Santa Fe, the Bay Area and Northern California, as well as many other urban and rural areas in the US and beyond. I have some awards, received some grants and accolades, engaged with public art projects, community collaborations, and wrestled time and again with  this ever elusive and evolving life as an artist. 

Although my life and practice has become an interdisciplinary exploration, my first and deepest love is photography. Now 25+ years, from silver, film, cameras, and darkroom, to pixels, memory cards, phones, and computers, photography remains. As the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy, the photographic process, still attracts and intrigues me with its mysterious and magical fields of light. And, how it is some kind of mirror, on so many levels, of conscious evolution. And so, I continue to be in love with it; the traditional photographic processes and printed the printed image as well as the conceptual exploration of the photograph that includes entertaining greater possibilities for what it is to capture and imprint light and what may determined to be a photograph. 



SarahBeckstromArtCV2019 (pdf)