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installations and other works with spacial considerations...




Projects and Performances


Shipping Container HOME Project, 2013-14

Container Home

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Container Drop Off Day



container home

Mixed-Media Installations



Infinite Travels

Installations, 1997 - 2014


Untitled, 2013
original video and sound composition

As Within

As Within, So Without, 2013
Still Photo Animation Video in the 360 Digital Dome at the Institute of American Indian Arts as part of CURRENTS New Media Festival in Santa Fe

Outdoor Installations



Resonance - Land Platform, 2013 (1st edition)
wood, hand-ground garnet matrix and mica stone, tactile transducer, amplifier, epsilon wave sound composition


Land Platform

The platform was subtly resonating with sound waves and was meant to be experienced in an outdoor space.


Land Platform

The piece was intended to offer an opportunity for the experiencer to sense their physical body in resonance with (or tuning to) the environment.